Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Album Review : Have A Nice Day by Bon Jovi

Ever since Bounce (probably the bands most disappointing album to date) we, the fans of Bon Jovi, have been waiting for a really good album from New Jersey's best. I am not sure if this is it having not really paid too much attention to the songs after listning to the three singles and great songs - Welcome To Wherever You Are, Who Says You Can't Go Home & the title track (which has a cool video to match). Bon Jovi's typical emotional lyrics about home (no doubt fuelled about his ambitionsof leaving New Jersey and making it big and being all around the world only to realise that he is happiest when he is home) lays down the rather cool and almost country rockin' single Who Says You Can't Go Home. The album starts off nicely with a rocking Have A Nice Day , which sort of takes up from where 2000's mega hit single It's My Life left off. The song features the same kind of larger than life rock anthemn style that Bon Jovi are known for with a great feel good factor involved - what the heck guys, just admit it! The band is capable of delivering a solid rock single!

After Welcome To Wherever You Are & Who Says You Can't Go Home, however the songs kind of die down a bit revieing only for brief moments here and there. Bells Of Freedom is a so-so song. Novacaine is just pure torture with the strained singing style that Jon has taken to new heights in recent years. I Wanna Be Loved is a good enough song and so is Story Of My Life which closes the album. Last Cigarette is another song I wonder what the band where wondering when they recorded it. I Am & Complicated are just fillers to make sure that there are enough songs to deliver an album. Tico Tores shines throughout with his trademark drumming style (being over-shadowed in a mega-selling band with a star frontman should not take away from this drumming genuis). I wish keyboaridst David Bryan was given better songs to shine his tremendous talent in. And ofcourse Richie Sambora - I prefer his solo stuff to his role in Bon Jovi the band. Which brings me to superstar Jon Bon Jovi - he rocks albeit a lot less since the late 1990s. He should get get back to basics.

Song for the day - "Who Says You Can't Go Home" - BON JOVI


  • At 12:29 PM, Anonymous Hennariitta Huovinen (rebegga) said…

    if you are the jon bon jovi band, i havty say this to richie sambora: i love you. i dont no why. hier is my number: 0504057251. i want speak with you. i love you.

  • At 4:31 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I love this song


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