Tuesday, April 04, 2006

My Noisy Neighbours

The house next door to mine was rented out last year to a family of 5. Our ealier neighbours were very nice people - the father of the house died in a scooter accident when I was about 17. He is survived by his wife, son & daughter. His wife currently lives with their son, who is a Air Force pilot and his wife & kid. And the daughter lives with her husband and two kids in a house near their old one.

The family that came to lives next to us seem to be a good family as well - but they sure are noisy as hell! The two boys in the family are probably in their early 20s but they sure mask that well by the big size. Their mom & sis are much more petite but they make up for the lack of size by high decible levels. The father it seems is the odd one out, not only do I not know what he looks like, having never seen him, but he is also kinda quite! The two women and the younger guys take to have loud discussions from 10 pm to midnite and often beyond that. What's more, I think their voices are scaring the dog, Shawny Jr! She does not seem to like to spend time in that side of our plot, prefering to be in the front veranda or to the left side of the house.

The discussions can get pretty aggresive at times and it seems like some blood has been shed at one point or the other. I think it is the mom or the daughter who is the loudest. I have never met them, only seen them but not been introduced at all) so I can't really make out which voice is of the mother and which is of the daughter as the two are quite similiar. The boys start the debates rather whole-heartedly but give up in the end and surrender meekly to the ladies. Sometimes at night, when I go to the downstairs bathroom I can hear them go at it, as the boys' room is on the side of the bathroom (shit coming from both).

The one good thing I like about them is that the guys have good taste in music. They are huge metal & rock fans with Metallica seeming to be their favs. But the play the music so loudly, my dad tells me that I will never have to play my stero system as those guys play theirs so loudly. Occassionaly though they have played some stupid stuff like Celine Dion and Madonna. And they sing so badly, voices that sound like a metal pipe being viciously rubbed with sandpaper. One afternoon while going to feed the dog, I heard one of them mercilessly killing a song - it took me a while to understand that he was actually singing(??) that asshole Enrique Iglesias's song (the one that goes "Why, Why". I ran as fast as I could.

Song for the day - "Neighbour (Won't You Be MY) - UGLY KID JOE


  • At 1:40 PM, Blogger Tony Lee said…

    I sympathise, Roshan. My new neighbours are a rather noisy bunch, too.
    I'm a late riser, most days, but since the family of 4 moved in I get woken early.
    Every weekday morning, between 7.30 and 8.15, is slam time...

    They slam each door (at least 5 times), window and vent. All the cupboards, drawers and hatches. Every click switch, tin lid, screw cap and bottle top!
    Finally, they slam all 3 cars into gear before backing out of the driveway in a mad rush.


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