Saturday, March 18, 2006

Choti Si Asha

One of my favourite people in the world is leaving for Hyderabad today. Asha - my friend, my collegue, my little sister, my child, my love - resigned from the company we both were working for and decided to move to Hyderabad as she got a good job in a company there. She attended several interviews here in Cochin and the best option for her was to take this offer, but they didn't have a vacancy in Cochin. So, as dissapointed as she was in our company, she decided to quit her job here and start afresh.

She called me late last nite as she was packing up stuff (it seems she only made up her mind the last few days) and ironing stuff to take on her trip there. She has to join at the latest by Monday, so I don't get a chance to see her and say goodbye and wish her well. She will be getting a new cell phone connection, probably in the next few days and I can call her on that. Ofcourse I will be e-mailing her as well but it just won't be the same without seeing that innocent face and talking to her. Why must the ones I love move away from me? She is a girl who I did not want anything from but all I gave her was love. I miss her so much already. Not that I have seen her a lot in the last few months anyway. In August we kind of had a little falling out and it resulted in a cold fight which means we hardly spoke at all until December end.

When she learnt that I moved have to make the move to our company's BPO she called to lend me her support. I offered her my support when she was also one of our friends who did not get the promotion & posts we deserved. She was frustrated with having to live in a place she was not comfortable with (Thrissur) and a job where satisfaction was almost non-exsistant. Me on the other hand, I really loved what I was doing. Anyway, the distance between us melted in that one phone call where she told me that I was better than what I was being given and to not lose hope. We spoke many times after that and I kind of had the feeling that she would be leaving soon. She attended some interviews in Cochin and although I hoped that she would stay in our hometown, it was not to be. So I am going to have to depend on sms & e-mail and a few cell to cell calls. I wish she were here with me now.

Song for the day - "Hold On" - SARAH MCLACHLAN


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