Friday, March 24, 2006

A Day To Myself

What I really want and desperatly need is a day to myself. Where I cater to me and only me, myself & I. Having worked so many days at a strech, I am beinging to know what the term "taken advanatge of" really means (although I would rather approve being "taken advantage of" by a busty, buxom blond or a ravishing, randy red-head woman). My feet are killing me; I have developed some thick skin growth on the soles of my feet that really hurt when I put pressure on it. My brain feels like it is about to crash and it really does need to be shutdown and have a reboot. And fast. Physically and emotionally I am drained to the point of exhaustion. Due to many reasons, which we won't discuss, I have been asked to come in to work past my off and even after the days go on by, it seems that I have to fight for a day or two away from work. That is not cool!!

I have found it so fucking ironic that if you work extra none of the superiors in my office have anything to say - no complaints or concerns or parises!! They seem to take it for granted!! But if you want to take some time off, its like a crime scene investigation - one that can put CSI to shame! Why this double-standards? They wouldn't think twice of staying at home on their off days which they take religiously.

No sir, so I will be taking off this Saturday & Sunday and ....let me see what I should plan for the 48 hours ahead. I would like to go shopping for a shirt or two. I haven't bought any new ones since, hell I dunno. Both Music World & Planet M would be next on my list of stops to make. Perhaps I should also get a few novels & books from the book fair near Paico - imported second hand or old books that were just lying on dusty shelfs neglected for years, for anything between Rs.50 to 100. That is a bargain. I find that there is nothing more relaxing that lying in bed, reading a good novel with a drink of some sort (depending on how I feel at that time, either strong, hot black coffee or something cold like a lemonade or a seven-up) & rock music playing in the background. Depending on how engrossing the book is I might even skip the music or not play another cd after the first one has run it's course.

What else? Oh I would like to end the day by having a leisurely lunch of fried rice or noodles with some chicken and ofcourse a couple of vodkas on ice, splashed generously with sprite!!
Babe of the week - KRISTA KELLY

Song for the day - "For The Ocean" - FINGER ELEVEN


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