Monday, March 13, 2006


Yesterday I went back to the main office to see a few people over there. I purposely chose a Sunday as I knew that it would quite overall but that several of my people would be there. So I reached there by 12 and went to sit with some of the kids in the 4th floor and spend time catching up on things that have happened since I moved to Thoppumpady. I was shocked to hear that two people were resigning as they felt that they were not being treated well by the management. It is a shame to see them go. There was work going on as an old office section was being revamped to make room for more people and several new cabinets.

Then I went to the call centre and saw a lot of the kids there who were under my wing there. The response to my precense was so great that I almost teared up. I sat with Anjana for a while as she had her lunch and caught up with the changes there. Pretty soon I had to leave for the office and work. I spent the entire 9 hours in front of the computer, working on a report that was pending but I couldn't finish it as some data was missing and I am not sure if the ones I had were entirely accurate. Oh well, I will try to get it sorted out on Tuesday.

Had a beer & a couple of vodkas+sprite today afternoon.

Song for the day - "When The Pain Dies Down" - CHRIS STILLS


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