Sunday, October 09, 2005

Sabbath Lazy Sabbath

My first Sunday off work in almost a year. Yup, you got that right. I am the kind of joker who likes to work on Sundays, been doing it since the beginning of November last year. I dunno, I just like coming in on Sundays. The office seems more quieter and things are normally much more pleasant to work on. You waltz in at 2 or 3 pm, after having had a nice lunch - see which on the people you have to manage are working that day - get informed as to what has been happening since the morning shift - settle down for a slow 2 hour initial phase until coffee time (which for me is after 5pm - then start the real work, which hopefully will end by 8 pm - head to the nearby restaurent for a leisurely dinner of nooddles - come back to the office in 45 mins. Things will be even more slower until 12 am and knock off time. Head back home and go to sleep.

This Sunday, I woke up to a sloppy breakfast and watching most of one of the greatest films to have ever been made - E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial. Will this movie ever lose it's charm? Will the viewing public ever get tired of looking at the cherubic & extremely cute & young Drew Barrymore? Will we someday not feel a twinge in our hearts & a lump in our throats when the kids in the movie shed tears for their alien friend? Will we stop marvelling at the acting abilities of such young actors? Will we ever stop treating the alien as a wonderful symbol of innocence, friendship, tolerance & not to forget that there just might be intelligent life out there and see ET for what he outwardly seems like - a short ugly thing? For the sake of all of us I sincerly hope not. My 6 year old younger nephew also sat absorbed at the movie, not realising that a Jewish film maker name Steven Speilberg was still making lots of money out of this one of a kind wonder. I hadn't seen this movie in 5 years, I can remember watching it with my cousins in August 2000 at my grandmother's house. My younger cousins were staring at the tv screen with their mouth open. My nephew today had the same expression on his face.

After that I lazed around for an hour or so just hanging with my cousin, who was there for the weekend from Trivandrum. I decided to come to Edapally toll as the day was just going to be boring, what with my folks watching tv till late evening. SO I hopped into an auto, had a small snack & a not so tasty milkshake and sat me down for a few hours of browsing the net. Had a brief chat with my cousin Sandhya and some chick called Angela on MSN Messenger. Not sure how I know her, it seems she added me to her list from all the forwards she has been getting. Now it's back to home for an early night in as I have to be at work at 6 am tomorrow morning. I shall play a little Terri Clark to put me to sleep tonight - gorgeous woman, gorgeous voice and gorgeous country love songs.

Song for the day - "That's How I Feel" - TERRI CLARK


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