Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Review of the Motorola RAZR V3i

It having been several days since I started using the Motorola RAZR V3i, I thought it only fair that I should put my thoughts on is based upon my experience with it. First let me tell you that I absolutely love it, except for a few things. I think it has the best design & shape of any cell phone that I have ever seen. However - it feels a bit of a strech to hold it in your hands. If you are used to smaller phones all you cellphone using life, then you may need a little bit of getting used to the width of this phone. Having used to very palm-friendly handsets until now (the Motorola T190, Samsung R220, Nokia 1100 & Sony Ericsson K500i), the RAZR feels a little too elongated in my hands. Not that I am complainning that much, it goes along with the territory of having a clamshell phone. Although the Motorola V600 or V620 may be a little less lengthier. The colour of this particular model also irks me a bit - they did not have any other colour available with them. It's kinda purplely but dark and therefore quite dull. Black would have been sleek, sexy and suited the handset a lot more. Silver also would have been very cool. There is a pink one, but I'm not a girl and neither am I gay!

Different colours of the V3i

The width of the phone prevents me from being really comfortable in browsing WAP sites while lying down. It becomes really tiring and your hand and fingers get tired after a few minutes. No doubt one of the most popular models of handsets in the world, can tire out your fingers if you are a person who tries to do that for a long duration. And opening the phone with only one hand will take some doing; closing the phone is much easier though.

I do not like some of the graphic images that Motorola has inbuilt which shows various functions, especially the symbol of the globe & downloading arrow when you use the net. It is kinda juvenial. But the shape is killer, downright sexy following in the model of its equaly popular older sister the V3, which also encouraged Motorola to bring out the Moto SLVR series (similar shape but non-clam shell style). The camera is top notch, some of the pictures I have taken are really good and I will be hosting them here soon. The video is way cool as well. GPRS is cool and much better than the Sony Ericsson K500i.

The keypad with it's glowing keys is very StarTrekey, but I do not like the fact that they are quite huge. However the style of the keypad makes it less likely to get damaged or faded. Mp3s play on the RAZR very well and the included earphones are great. The 246 MB Memory card (can be updated to 512 MB) is spacious enough for about 40-50 songs depending on the size of the files. I really love this phone.

Song for the day - "Sarah" - MAREN ORD


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