Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Building Bikes

As far as reality tv goes, one of my favourites is American Chopper, based on the family run bike building company - Orange County Choppers. The company was started by big Paul Tuetle or Senior with the main fabricater being his son Paulie or Junior. Rounding out, the now famous guys, is youngest brother Mike & Junior's friend & mechanic Vinnie. For the sake of the tv series, several theme bikes have ben decided upon and then designed & made at their shop in Orange County, New York. Some of the excellent work is the Jet bike, Mikey's Blues bike, the Fire Engine bike & my favs - the Liberty bike & the Comanche bike. (pictured below)

But how much of it is pre-arranged? All the dialogues seem to be given to them beforehand (some of Paulie's statements seem similar) and what is with them that every day Senior has to push his weight about and threatned to kick everyone's ass with his giant size boot? All things considered, you have to admit that they do make wonderful bikes that are based on a theme and the craftmanship & design is supberb. It's probably only about 40% reality since, every project is finished just in time.

Song for the day - "Glorified G" - PEARL JAM


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